Information on Tattoo Removal

Tattoos used to be permanent. If you got one and lived to regret it, there was no way of getting rid of it. It was yours for life. But now treatments are available to completely remove them.

If you no longer want your tattoo you can get laser treatment to remove it gradually, over the course of several sessions.

The ink from the tattoo is broken down and absorbed through your blood stream where it then passes safely through your body. You should be aware that this procedure can be uncomfortable and slow. It can take more than ten sessions to completely remove the ink, depending on the colour shade.

It is important to find a qualified professional who will carry out the procedure in a clean environment. Those with fake tan, or women who are recently pregnant are not advised to receive tattoo removal.

The Procedure

  • Any hair in the area of the tattoo is removed.
  • You are given goggles to protect your eyesight from the laser.
  • Local anaesthetic is applied to the area.
  • The laser passes over the tattooed skin. This can last for up to half an hour.
  • After each treatment the ink of the tattoo will gradually become lighter.
  • The laser affected skin will be rubbed with aloe vera and bandaged.

After the procedure

  • The skin can often become red and may need to be treated with an ice pack.
  • The skin will also have increased sensitivity to sun exposure. It is recommended to wear sun lotion a week after the procedure.
  • Bleeding, blistering or scabbing may occur in the first week of laser tattoo removal.

Thing to Avoid

  • Soup and wash products should not be applied to the area for the first two days after the session.
  • Strenuous exercise should also be avoided for the first two days.
  • If scabbing occurs, then swimming and saunas should be avoided until it is fully healed.