Filter? No Hun…it’s all ME!

  When was the last time you took a selfie and didn’t add some sort of filter? Wanting a smoother face, glowing skin or Kylie Jenner’s jawline? …the possibilities are endless! You can look like you’re ready for a night on the town when in reality you’ve not got an ounce of makeup on, you’re […]

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Hairy Beast To Smooth And Sleek

As a little girl I remember watching my mother with the razor and wondering when my hair would finally grow so I could shave too, praying for that first leg hair so I could be a big girl, all grown up just like her! If only I knew what I was really asking for! Puberty […]

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red veins

Now You See Me… Now You Don’t! Red Veins

During my training into the world of Laser, like any other practical work you need models to work on and to be honest, I struggled to find someone I knew with Red Veins. Not because no one has them, but because people are either: unaware of what they are and just put it down to […]

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