Derma Roller

Derma-Roller Treatment

For those looking to improve the look of scars, boost collagen, or encourage hair growth, Derma-Rolling can offer a minimally invasive solution. Derma-Rolling is an effective form of rejuvenation, tackling scars, such as acne scars or stretch marks, dark spots and freckles caused by the sun, as well as skin laxity, wrinkles, and large pores.

  • Dull skin – rejuvenate tired and dull skin and combat the initial signs of ageing.
  • Wrinkles – Fine lines and wrinkles on the face can be visibly reduced, as derma-rolling triggers collagen production.
  • Scarring – Scars from acne and Chicken Pox can be improved and an uneven texture can be smoothed out with derma-rolling.
  • Pigmentation – help to fade dark patches such as pigmentation due to sun damage or ageing.

You should experience an overall rejuvenation of the skin treated. This can show up as a decrease in wrinkles, sun damage, rosacea, scarring, and hyperpigmentation, as well as an increase in overall skin elasticity.